Have you ever wondered where KDK fans are made? If you're curious about the journey of these iconic fans, join us as we embark on a global exploration of their manufacturing hubs.

A Legacy Born in Japan

The story of KDK fans begins in Kyoto, Japan, where the company was founded in 1909. Initially focused on electric motors, KDK soon ventured into fan production, quickly establishing a reputation for quality and innovation.

Expanding Horizons: Global Manufacturing Presence

  1. Japan: The Heart of Innovation

    • KDK's R&D and manufacturing facilities in Japan are at the forefront of fan technology.
    • Cutting-edge designs and meticulous craftsmanship ensure superior quality and performance.
  2. Thailand: A Regional Production Powerhouse

    • KDK's manufacturing facility in Thailand serves as a strategic hub for Southeast Asia.
    • Proximity to raw materials and skilled labor enables efficient production.
  3. China: A Vast Manufacturing Landscape

    • KDK's presence in China spans multiple manufacturing facilities.
    • Leveraging China's vast manufacturing capabilities for large-scale production.
  4. Malaysia: A Hub for Quality Control

    • KDK's factory in Malaysia specializes in quality control and testing.
    • Stringent processes ensure that every fan meets KDK's exacting standards.

The Journey of a KDK Fan

From raw materials to finished products, the journey of a KDK fan is a testament to precision engineering and global collaboration.

  1. Sourcing Quality Materials

    • KDK carefully selects materials from trusted suppliers worldwide.
    • High-grade steel, copper, and plastics ensure durability and performance.
  2. Manufacturing Excellence

    • KDK's manufacturing facilities employ advanced technologies and skilled workers.
    • Each component is meticulously crafted and assembled to create a KDK fan.
  3. Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

    • KDK fans undergo rigorous testing to meet international standards.
    • Performance, safety, and durability are thoroughly evaluated.
  4. Global Distribution

    • KDK fans are distributed to over 50 countries worldwide.
    • A network of authorized dealers and distributors ensures easy accessibility.

KDK: A Global Leader in Fan Manufacturing

With a legacy spanning over a century, KDK has become a global leader in fan manufacturing. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has made KDK fans a trusted choice worldwide.


The journey of KDK fans is a testament to the company's dedication to excellence and global reach. From their inception in Japan to their manufacturing facilities across the world, KDK fans embody the spirit of innovation and quality that has made them a household name.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is KDK headquartered?

    • KDK is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.
  2. How many manufacturing facilities does KDK have?

    • KDK has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Thailand, China, and Malaysia.
  3. What materials are used in KDK fans?

    • KDK fans are made from high-grade steel, copper, and plastics.
  4. What certifications do KDK fans have?

    • KDK fans are certified by various international standards organizations, ensuring safety and performance.
  5. Where can I buy KDK fans?

    • KDK fans are available through authorized dealers and distributors worldwide

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