Jiji is a mysterious and elusive character in the popular Metroidvania game Hollow Knight. As a mysterious charm seller, he is one of the first NPCs you'll encounter in Dirtmouth, the game's central hub. But after your initial meeting, he vanishes, leaving you to wonder where he's gone and how to find him again. In this comprehensive guide, we'll embark on a journey to uncover the whereabouts of Jiji and delve into the secrets surrounding his enigmatic presence.

Jiji's Appearance and Significance

Jiji is a peculiar creature with an appearance that sets him apart from the rest of the inhabitants of Hallownest. His tiny, lanky body, covered in a feathery coat and adorned with a large, bulbous head, exudes an aura of mystery. His beady eyes, concealed behind a mask, hint at a hidden depth of knowledge and intrigue.

As a charm seller, Jiji plays a crucial role in your Hollow Knight journey. Charms are powerful artifacts that grant you various abilities and passive bonuses. Acquiring and equipping these charms strategically can significantly enhance your combat prowess and exploration capabilities.

Jiji's Disappearance and Clues to His Location

After your initial encounter with Jiji in Dirtmouth, you'll notice his absence from his usual spot. This sudden disappearance leaves many players wondering where he has gone and how to find him again. Fortunately, there are clues scattered throughout the game that can guide you towards Jiji's hidden location.

  1. The Hunter's Journal:

    • The Hunter's Journal, a valuable source of information on Hallownest's creatures, contains an entry on Jiji. This entry provides a cryptic clue: "He can sometimes be found wandering the waterways of the Forgotten Crossroads."
  2. Forgotten Crossroads:

    • The Forgotten Crossroads is a vast and interconnected area filled with winding paths and hidden secrets. As you explore this region, keep an eye out for a hidden entrance leading to a watery passageway. This secret path is the key to finding Jiji.

Finding Jiji: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Reach the Forgotten Crossroads:

    • From Dirtmouth, head to the Forgotten Crossroads. This area is accessible from the southern exit of the town.
  2. Locate the Hidden Entrance:

    • Once you're in the Forgotten Crossroads, make your way to the eastern section of the area. Look for a vertical shaft with a waterfall flowing down it. To the right of this waterfall, you'll find a hidden entrance concealed by some rocks.
  3. Enter the Waterways:

    • Interact with the hidden entrance to enter the Waterways. This submerged area is home to various aquatic creatures and hidden treasures.
  4. Navigate the Waterways:

    • The Waterways is a labyrinthine network of tunnels and chambers. Carefully navigate through this area, avoiding hazards and defeating enemies along the way.
  5. Find Jiji:

    • As you explore the Waterways, keep an eye out for a small, secluded room. Inside this room, you'll find Jiji sitting on a rock, surrounded by his wares.

Interacting with Jiji and His Charms

Once you've found Jiji, you can interact with him to purchase charms. His inventory includes various common and uncommon charms, each with unique abilities. You can equip these charms to enhance your character's stats, gain new abilities, or improve your overall combat effectiveness.


Jiji's hidden location in the Waterways adds an element of mystery and intrigue to Hollow Knight. By following the clues and carefully navigating the Forgotten Crossroads, you can uncover his whereabouts and gain access to his valuable charms. Whether you're a seasoned Hollow Knight veteran or a newcomer embarking on your first journey, finding Jiji is a rewarding experience that will enhance your gameplay and deepen your understanding of this captivating world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why is Jiji hiding in the Waterways?

    • Jiji's reasons for hiding in the Waterways are shrouded in mystery, possibly due to his secretive nature or involvement in some hidden agenda.
  2. Can I miss Jiji if I don't find him early on?

    • No, Jiji will remain in the Waterways throughout the game, allowing you to find him whenever you're ready.
  3. Are Jiji's charms worth purchasing?

    • Jiji's charms offer various benefits and abilities that can significantly enhance your gameplay. Whether they're worth purchasing depends on your playstyle and preferred strategies.
  4. Can I find other hidden NPCs in Hollow Knight?

    • Yes, Hallownest is filled with hidden secrets and characters. Keep your eyes peeled for unusual passages, secret rooms, and obscure pathways to uncover these hidden NPCs.
  5. What is the significance of the Waterways in Hollow Knight?

    • The Waterways serve as a hidden and interconnected network beneath Hallownest, housing various creatures, valuable items, and hidden challenges. Exploring this area can lead to significant discoveries and rewards.

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