Her Early Years

Huda Kattan, the beauty mogul and social media sensation, has taken the world by storm with her makeup expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. But where does this influential figure hail from? Let's unravel the origins of the woman behind the Huda Beauty empire.

1. Iraqi Roots:

Huda Kattan's story begins in the vibrant city of Baghdad, Iraq, where she was born to Iraqi parents. Her Iraqi heritage has deeply influenced her personal and professional life, shaping her unique perspective on beauty and style.

2. Early Life in the United States:

At a young age, Huda and her family relocated to the United States, settling down in Tennessee. Growing up in America exposed her to a diverse range of cultures and influences, fostering her passion for beauty and fashion.

3. Studying Finance:

Huda's educational journey took her to the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she pursued a degree in finance. While her studies initially seemed unrelated to the beauty industry, they instilled in her a strong sense of business acumen, which would later prove invaluable in building her empire.

4. Love for Makeup:

It was during her college years that Huda's passion for makeup blossomed. Experimenting with different looks and techniques, she discovered her love for enhancing natural beauty. Armed with her newfound knowledge and skills, she began sharing her makeup tips and tutorials online, quickly gaining a loyal following.

5. Huda Kattan Beauty:

Huda's foray into the beauty industry took a significant leap forward when she launched her personal blog, Huda Beauty, in 2010. The blog's popularity skyrocketed, attracting millions of readers eager to learn from her expertise.

6. The Birth of a Beauty Empire:

Recognizing the growing demand for high-quality makeup products, Huda Kattan decided to venture into entrepreneurship. In 2013, she co-founded Huda Beauty, a cosmetics company that has since become a global sensation.

7. Huda Beauty's Success:

Huda Beauty's innovative and high-quality products, coupled with Huda Kattan's influential social media presence, propelled the brand to unprecedented success. Within a few years, the company had become a multi-million dollar enterprise, with a loyal customer base spanning the globe.


Huda Kattan's journey from a finance student with a passion for makeup to a global beauty mogul is a testament to her determination, creativity, and business acumen. Her Iraqi heritage and upbringing in the United States have played a significant role in shaping her unique perspective on beauty and style, propelling her to the forefront of the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q1: Where was Huda Kattan born?

    • A1: Huda Kattan was born in Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Q2: When did Huda Kattan launch her blog, Huda Beauty?

    • A2: Huda Kattan launched her blog, Huda Beauty, in 2010.
  • Q3: What is the name of Huda Kattan's cosmetics company?

    • A3: Huda Kattan co-founded a cosmetics company called Huda Beauty in 2013.
  • Q4: How has Huda Kattan's Iraqi heritage influenced her beauty career?

    • A4: Huda Kattan's Iraqi heritage has influenced her unique perspective on beauty, combining traditional Middle Eastern elements with modern trends.
  • Q5: What is Huda Beauty's most popular product?

    • A5: Huda Beauty is renowned for its high-quality liquid lipsticks, which have become a cult favorite among makeup enthusiasts worldwide.

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