North Carolina's Outer Banks served as the alluring backdrop for the captivating Netflix series Outer Banks, which seamlessly intertwined a treasure hunt, teenage romance, and mesmerizing natural vistas. But if you've ever wondered where the magic of OBX was brought to life, let's embark on a journey to explore the real-world locations that transformed into the fictional world of the Pogues.

Charleston, South Carolina: The Unveiling of Figure Eight

While the Outer Banks of North Carolina captured the hearts of many, the picturesque fishing town of Figure Eight actually resides in Charleston, South Carolina. This vibrant municipality, boasting a rich maritime heritage, served as the backdrop for Kelly's, the local hangout where the Pogues forged their unbreakable bonds. As you stroll through the cobblestone streets of Charleston, you'll feel as if you've stepped into the heart of the OBX universe.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina: The Enchanting Chapel

In the fictional world of OBX, the serene Chapel where Sarah and John B exchanged vows is nestled on the picturesque Figure Eight Island. However, this iconic scene was meticulously filmed in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, at the Old Village Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church. With its stunning stained-glass windows and elegant steeple, this historic church provided the perfect ambiance for this pivotal moment in the series.

Wilmington, North Carolina: A Haven for Outer Banks Production

While various locations served as filming sites for Outer Banks, Wilmington, North Carolina, emerged as the production's primary hub. This charming port city welcomed the cast and crew with open arms, offering a diverse array of settings that seamlessly transformed into the world of the Pogues. From the bustling streets of Wilmington's historic downtown to the tranquil beauty of Wrightsville Beach, the city embraced the OBX spirit, becoming an integral part of the show's success.

Local Gems that Embody the OBX Charm

Throughout the filming of Outer Banks, the production team ventured beyond the main hubs, seeking out hidden gems that epitomized the authentic spirit of the Outer Banks. These lesser-known locales, scattered along the North Carolina coastline, added depth and texture to the series' stunning visuals. From the quaint fishing village of Ocracoke to the windswept expanse of Cape Lookout National Seashore, each location contributed to the captivating allure of OBX.

Beyond the Known: Exploring Uncharted Territories

The Outer Banks universe extended beyond the confines of the physical world, captivating audiences with its imaginative depictions of uncharted territories. The mysterious island of Denmark Tanny, where the legendary treasure awaited discovery, was brought to life through a combination of meticulously crafted sets and breathtaking CGI. These ethereal sequences transported viewers to a realm of untold riches and ancient secrets, further fueling the allure of the OBX saga.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where was the majority of OBX filmed?
    Answer: While numerous locations were utilized, Wilmington, North Carolina, served as the primary production hub for Outer Banks.

  2. Did they film OBX on the Outer Banks?
    Answer: Although the series is set in the Outer Banks, only certain scenes were filmed in North Carolina. Charleston, South Carolina, and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, also played significant roles as filming locations.

  3. What town in South Carolina was OBX filmed in?
    Answer: The town of Mount Pleasant in South Carolina hosted the filming of the iconic chapel scene in Outer Banks.

  4. Where is the real Figure Eight Island?
    Answer: Contrary to popular belief, Figure Eight Island doesn't exist in reality. The enchanting fishing town was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina.

  5. Is there a real Denmark Tanny?
    Answer: Denmark Tanny, the island shrouded in mystery and treasure, is a figment of the Outer Banks' imagination. It doesn't exist in the real world.

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