Kihei Clark is an American professional surfer whose incredible talent and accomplishments in the sport have won him global fame and admiration. But where is this legendary surfer now? What's he up to these days? Let's dive into the life of Kihei Clark and uncover his current whereabouts and pursuits.

Early Life and Surfing Legacy

Born in 1988 in Laie, Hawaii, Kihei Clark is a waterman from a young age, growing up in the waves of Oahu's North Shore. His natural talent and innate feel for the ocean propelled him to stardom in the surfing world. Kihei's unique style, characterized by explosive aerial maneuvers and a fearless approach to big waves, earned him the respect and admiration of surfers and fans worldwide.

Competitive Success and World Tour Dominance

Kihei Clark's competitive career began in earnest in 2006 when he joined the World Qualifying Series (WQS). His impressive performances in various WQS events quickly earned him a spot on the elite World Championship Tour (WCT) in 2008. Kihei quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with, consistently reaching the finals and claiming several event victories. His aggressive surfing and fearless approach to big waves made him a crowd favorite.

Injury Setback and Road to Recovery

In 2012, Kihei suffered a severe knee injury during a heat at the Billabong Pipe Masters, one of the most prestigious surfing events in the world. The injury forced him to undergo surgery and take a break from competitive surfing. Kihei's recovery was challenging, both physically and mentally. However, he remained determined to return to the sport he loved.

Retirement from Competitive Surfing and New Pursuits

After a two-year hiatus from competition, Kihei Clark announced his retirement from the WCT in 2014. The decision was a difficult one, but Kihei felt it was time to pursue other interests and explore new chapters in his life. Following his retirement, Kihei shifted his focus to coaching and mentoring young surfers, sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation. He also pursued his passion for travel, exploring remote surf destinations and experiencing different cultures.

Current Endeavors: Beyond the Surf Arena

These days, Kihei Clark continues to live an active and adventurous life. He's actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives, supporting organizations dedicated to ocean conservation and youth empowerment. Kihei also regularly engages with his fans and followers through social media, sharing his thoughts on surfing, life, and his ongoing projects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Kihei Clark still surfing?

While Kihei Clark is no longer competing professionally, he still enjoys surfing recreationally and remains passionate about the sport. He often surfs at his home break on Oahu's North Shore and embarks on surf trips to remote destinations.

  1. What does Kihei Clark do now?

Kihei Clark is involved in various pursuits, including coaching, mentoring young surfers, and supporting ocean conservation initiatives. He also enjoys traveling, exploring new surf spots, and engaging with his fans through social media.

  1. Why did Kihei Clark retire from competitive surfing?

Kihei Clark retired from competitive surfing in 2014 due to a combination of factors, including a severe knee injury, a desire for a change of pace, and a yearning to explore other aspects of his life.

  1. What are Kihei Clark's current projects?

Kihei Clark is currently working on several projects, including a documentary film about his life and surfing career. He is also developing a line of sustainable surfboards and apparel.

  1. Where can I follow Kihei Clark's activities?

You can follow Kihei Clark's activities on his social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He regularly shares updates on his current projects, travels, and thoughts on surfing and life.

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