Do you recall the Khajiit caravan merchant named Kharjo who wears a turban and has a unique colorful personality? Have you engaged in his witty conversations or hired him as a follower, only to lose track of him afterward? Fear not, fellow traveler, for in this comprehensive guide, we will embark on a quest to locate the elusive Kharjo and unravel the mystery of his whereabouts in the vast realm of Skyrim.

Kharjo's Initial Location

Upon your arrival in Skyrim and after braving Helgen's Keep, your paths may cross with Kharjo in the bustling city of Whiterun. He can be found within the expansive courtyard of the Bannered Mare, a renowned inn and tavern. Kharjo eagerly awaits your approach, ready to engage in captivating conversations and offer his services as a skilled and loyal follower.

Hiring Kharjo as a Follower

If you seek a steadfast companion to accompany you on your adventurous journeys, Kharjo stands ready to join your ranks. However, before he can pledge his allegiance, you must fulfill a simple task. Retrieve Amren's Sword from the depths of Dead Man's Respite, a sinister cave infested with undead horrors. This quest, known as "A Night to Remember," will test your mettle and prove your worthiness as a leader.

Kharjo's Disappearance: A Temporary Farewell

Once you have successfully completed the aforementioned quest and secured Kharjo's unwavering loyalty, you may find yourself wondering where he has vanished. Do not fret, for his absence is merely temporary. Kharjo will return to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun after a brief period. Fear not, he will patiently await your arrival, eager to resume his role as your trusted companion.

Alternative Methods of Locating Kharjo

While Kharjo typically resides in the Bannered Mare, circumstances may arise where he ventures beyond its welcoming walls. If you find yourself unable to locate him in his usual haunt, fret not. You may encounter him traversing the roads of Skyrim, his caravan laden with exotic wares. He may also be spotted exploring the depths of various dungeons, seeking adventure and valuable treasures.

Kharjo's Unique Skills and Traits

Kharjo is not just any ordinary Khajiit; he possesses exceptional skills and traits that make him a formidable ally in battle. His proficiency with a blade and his innate agility render him a formidable warrior. Additionally, his keen eyesight allows him to detect hidden objects and potential dangers, ensuring your journey is less perilous.

Conclusion: The Enduring Bond

Kharjo's unwavering loyalty and captivating personality make him a cherished companion in the ever-changing realm of Skyrim. Whether you encounter him in the bustling streets of Whiterun, traversing the treacherous roads, or delving into the depths of forgotten dungeons, his presence will undoubtedly enrich your adventures.


  1. Where can I initially find Kharjo?

    • Kharjo can be found in the courtyard of the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.
  2. How do I hire Kharjo as a follower?

    • To hire Kharjo, you must complete the quest "A Night to Remember" by retrieving Amren's Sword from Dead Man's Respite.
  3. What happens if Kharjo disappears?

    • Kharjo may temporarily leave the Bannered Mare, but he will eventually return. You may also encounter him traveling on the roads or exploring dungeons.
  4. What are Kharjo's unique skills and traits?

    • Kharjo is skilled with a blade, agile, and has keen eyesight, making him a valuable combat companion.
  5. Why is Kharjo a popular companion among Skyrim players?

    • Kharjo's unwavering loyalty, captivating personality, and unique skills make him a cherished companion, enhancing the overall Skyrim experience.

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