KFMB is a television station that serves the San Diego market. It is owned and operated by Tegna Inc. and is affiliated with CBS. KFMB is notable for being the first television station in California to broadcast in color.

History of KFMB

KFMB first went on the air on December 11, 1949, as San Diego's first television station. It was originally owned by the San Diego Union and Evening Tribune newspaper. KFMB was affiliated with CBS from the start, and it has been one of the network's strongest affiliates ever since.

In 1954, KFMB began broadcasting in color, becoming the first television station in California to do so. The station also began broadcasting in high definition in 2009.

KFMB's Programming

KFMB's programming schedule includes a mix of local news, syndicated programming, and CBS network shows. The station's local newscasts are consistently rated among the highest in San Diego. KFMB also produces a number of local programs, including a morning show, a public affairs show, and a sports show.

KFMB's Location

KFMB's studios and transmitter are located in Kearny Mesa, a neighborhood in San Diego. The station's studios are located at 7677 Engineer Road, and its transmitter is located on Mount Soledad.

How to Contact KFMB

KFMB can be contacted by phone at (619) 574-7474. The station's website is www.cbs8.com.


KFMB is a leading television station in the San Diego market. The station has a long history of providing quality news and entertainment programming to viewers in the area. KFMB's location in Kearny Mesa gives it a strong signal that reaches viewers throughout the San Diego region.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is KFMB's channel number?

    • KFMB's channel number is 8.
  • What is KFMB's call sign?

    • KFMB's call sign is KFMB-TV.
  • What is KFMB's affiliation?

    • KFMB is affiliated with CBS.
  • Where are KFMB's studios located?

    • KFMB's studios are located at 7677 Engineer Road in Kearny Mesa, San Diego.
  • Where is KFMB's transmitter located?

    • KFMB's transmitter is located on Mount Soledad in San Diego.

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