WHERE IS IDBI BANK? A Comprehensive Overview of Its Locations and Services

IDBI Bank, formerly known as the Industrial Development Bank of India, is a renowned financial institution in India. It offers a wide array of banking services to individuals and businesses across the country. With a vast network of branches and ATMs, IDBI Bank ensures convenience and accessibility to its customers. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the locations of IDBI Bank branches and ATMs, along with the services they provide.

1. IDBI Bank Branches: A Nationwide Presence

IDBI Bank has an extensive network of branches spread across India, catering to the banking needs of customers in various cities and towns. These branches offer a full suite of banking services, including:

  • Account Opening: Customers can open various types of accounts, including savings accounts, current accounts, and fixed deposit accounts.

  • Deposits: IDBI Bank accepts deposits from customers in the form of savings accounts, fixed deposits, and recurring deposits.

  • Loans: The bank offers a diverse range of loans, including personal loans, home loans, car loans, and business loans.

  • Investment Services: Customers can invest in various financial instruments through IDBI Bank, such as mutual funds, bonds, and government securities.

  • Forex Services: The bank provides foreign exchange services, enabling customers to exchange currencies and remit money abroad.

  • Locker Services: IDBI Bank offers safe deposit locker facilities to customers for storing valuables and important documents.

2. IDBI Bank ATMs: Convenient Access to Cash and Banking Services

IDBI Bank has a large network of ATMs strategically located in various cities and towns across India. These ATMs provide round-the-clock access to cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, mini statements, and other banking transactions. Customers can use their IDBI Bank debit cards or other compatible cards to access these services.

3. Online Banking:

IDBI Bank offers a convenient online banking platform that allows customers to manage their finances from anywhere, anytime. Through internet banking, customers can:

  • Check account balances and transaction history

  • Transfer funds between accounts

  • Pay bills and taxes

  • Apply for loans and other banking products

  • Invest in financial instruments

4. Mobile Banking:

IDBI Bank's mobile banking app provides customers with the convenience of banking on the go. With the mobile app, customers can:

  • Check account balances and transaction history

  • Transfer funds between accounts

  • Pay bills and taxes

  • Apply for loans and other banking products

  • Locate nearby IDBI Bank branches and ATMs

5. Customer Service:

IDBI Bank is committed to providing excellent customer service. Customers can reach out to the bank's customer care executives through various channels, including:

  • Phone Banking: Customers can call the bank's toll-free number to speak with a customer care representative.

  • Email Support: Customers can send their queries or feedback to the bank's email address.

  • Social Media: IDBI Bank has dedicated social media pages where customers can post their queries and receive prompt responses.


IDBI Bank has a vast network of branches, ATMs, and digital banking channels to cater to the banking needs of customers across India. The bank offers a comprehensive range of banking services, including account opening, deposits, loans, investment services, forex services, and locker services. With its commitment to providing excellent customer service, IDBI Bank is a reliable and convenient banking partner for individuals and businesses alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How many branches does IDBI Bank have in India?
  • IDBI Bank has a network of over 1,800 branches across India, spanning various cities and towns.
  1. Can I open an account with IDBI Bank online?
  • Yes, you can open an account with IDBI Bank online through its official website or mobile banking app.
  1. What types of loans does IDBI Bank offer?
  • IDBI Bank offers a wide range of loans, including personal loans, home loans, car loans, business loans, and education loans.
  1. How can I access my IDBI Bank account online?
  • You can access your IDBI Bank account online through the bank's internet banking platform or mobile banking app.
  1. How can I contact IDBI Bank's customer care?
  • You can reach IDBI Bank's customer care executives through phone banking, email support, or social media platforms.

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