The IBTM World premier tradeshow for the meetings, incentives, conferences, events, and business travel industry is a global platform where people connect and do business. Over the years, IBTM World has shown an unwavering commitment to the industry, especially during the challenging times. These efforts allow attendees to network in person and build a better future for all.

A Journey into the Magic of IBTM World
Every year, this prominent event draws thousands of industry professionals from across the globe, showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in the meetings and events industry. With its vibrant atmosphere and bustling trade show floor, IBTM World presents an unrivaled opportunity for businesses to network, forge connections with potential clients, and bring fresh ideas to life.

A Holographic Rendezvous at Fira Barcelona
This year, the prestigious IBTM World event will unfurl its magic at Fira Barcelona, Spain's sprawling convention center, renowned for its cutting-edge architecture and state-of-the-art amenities. The venue, located conveniently near the city center and just a stone's throw from the airport, forms a captivating backdrop for this global gathering.

Unveiling the 2023 Event
IBTM World 2023 promises to be a captivating extravaganza, with a line-up of thought-provoking conference sessions, immersive workshops, captivating keynote speakers, and networking opportunities galore. Attendees can delve into diverse topics, ranging from sustainable event management and immersive technologies to strategic event planning and future business trends.

Explore the Hubs of Innovation
IBTM World 2023 will host a series of themed hubs, each catering to specific industry interests:

  • Meetings & Events Tech: Delve into the latest technological advancements transforming the industry, from virtual reality solutions to data analytics tools.
  • Learning & Development: Discover innovative approaches to training and development, including gamification and experiential learning.
  • Corporate Travel & Hospitality: Explore advancements in business travel and hospitality, enhancing the overall attendee experience.
  • Events for Change: Discover how events can drive positive social and environmental impact.
  • Destination Pavilion: Connect with representatives from top destinations worldwide, uncovering hidden gems and inspiring event locations.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities
IBTM World 2023 serves as an unrivaled platform for networking and building strategic partnerships. With its bustling exhibition floor, dedicated networking sessions, and social events, attendees can forge invaluable connections with industry leaders, suppliers, and potential clients, setting the stage for prosperous business collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the significance of IBTM World?
    IBTM World is a prominent event that brings together thousands of industry professionals, showcasing cutting-edge trends, innovations, and technologies in the meetings and events industry.
  2. Where is IBTM World 2023 being hosted?
    IBTM World 2023 will be held at Fira Barcelona, a state-of-the-art convention center in Barcelona, Spain.
  3. What can attendees expect from IBTM World 2023?
    Attendees can anticipate a diverse range of activities, including thought-provoking conference sessions, captivating keynote speakers, immersive workshops, networking opportunities, and a showcase of the latest products and services in the meetings and events industry.
  4. What is unique about IBTM World's themed hubs?
    Themed hubs at IBTM World cater to specific industry interests, allowing attendees to delve into topics such as meetings technology, corporate travel, destination marketing, and sustainable event management.
  5. Why is IBTM World considered an unrivaled networking platform?
    IBTM World provides an exceptional platform for networking, offering a bustling exhibition floor, dedicated networking sessions, and social events, facilitating valuable connections and fostering strategic partnerships.

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