IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University, a distance learning university. IGNOU offers various programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as diplomas and certificates. Students enrolled in IGNOU programs are required to submit assignments as part of their coursework. The university has a dedicated IGNOU assignment submission portal where students can upload their assignments.

s to Submit Assignments Online:

  1. Log in to IGNOU's Online portal:

    • Visit the IGNOU official website (ignou.ac.in) and click on "Student Zone."
    • Enter your enrollment number and password to login.
  2. Access the Assignment Submission Portal:

    • Once logged in, click on "Assignment Submission" from the left-hand menu.
    • Select the semester and course for which you want to submit an assignment.
  3. Read Assignment Instructions Carefully:

    • Before uploading your assignment, carefully read the instructions provided by your course coordinator.
    • Ensure that you understand the format, word limit, and referencing requirements.
  4. Prepare and Attach Your Assignment:

    • Prepare your assignment according to the specified format and word limit.
    • Scan or convert your handwritten assignment into a PDF or Word document.
    • Ensure that the file size does not exceed the specified limit.
  5. Upload Your Assignment:

    • Click on the "Browse" or "Choose File" button and select the assignment file from your computer.
    • Double-check the file name and extension to ensure you are uploading the correct assignment.
  6. Provide Additional Details:

    • Some courses may require additional information along with the assignment submission.
    • Fill in any additional details or fields as specified, such as declaration of originality, name, and enrollment number.
  7. Review and Confirm Submission:

    • Review the details of your assignment submission, including the file name, file size, and additional information.
    • Ensure that you have attached the correct assignment and that all necessary fields are filled correctly.
  8. Click on "Submit":

    • When you are satisfied with the details, click on the "Submit" button to upload your assignment.
    • The system will generate a submission confirmation message or receipt.

Guidelines for IGNOU Assignment Submission:

  • Submission Deadline:

    • Adhere to the deadline specified for assignment submission. Late submissions may not be accepted or may incur penalties.
  • File Formats:

    • Generally, IGNOU accepts assignments in PDF or Word document formats. Refer to your course-specific instructions for any specific requirements.
  • Plagiarism and Academic Integrity:

    • Plagiarism is a serious offense and can lead to disciplinary action. Ensure that your assignments are original and properly cited.
  • Referencing and Citations:

    • Use appropriate referencing and citation styles as specified by your course coordinator. Failure to properly reference sources may result in deductions.
  • Keep a Backup:

    • Always keep a backup copy of your submitted assignments on your computer or external storage devices. This will help in case of technical issues or if you need to make revisions.
  • Technical Issues:

    • If you encounter any technical problems while submitting your assignment, contact the IGNOU Student Helpdesk for assistance.


  1. When is the deadline for submitting IGNOU assignments?

    • The deadline for IGNOU assignment submission varies depending on the course and semester. Check the IGNOU academic calendar or consult your course coordinator for specific deadlines.
  2. How do I know the format and word limit for my assignment?

    • The format and word limit for each assignment are typically provided in the course study material or by the course coordinator. Refer to these instructions to ensure you meet the requirements.
  3. Can I submit my assignment by post or email?

    • IGNOU generally accepts assignments submitted through the online portal. Consult your course coordinator or the IGNOU Student Helpdesk for any exceptions or specific instructions.
  4. What happens if I miss the assignment submission deadline?

    • Late submissions are generally not accepted and may incur penalties. Some courses may consider late submissions with a deduction in marks. Check the university guidelines or consult your course coordinator for specific policies.
  5. Who do I contact if I have questions about assignment submission?

    • In case of any questions or issues related to assignment submission, contact the IGNOU Student Helpdesk or your course coordinator. They will be able to provide guidance and assistance.

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