The Fantastic World of HxH

Have you ever wondered where the captivating adventures of Hunter x Hunter take place? Get ready to embark on a journey through the enigmatic land of HxH, a realm brimming with diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and thrilling encounters.

The Known World of HxH

The story of HxH unfolds primarily within the confines of the known world, which consists of five vast continents:

  • The Eastern Continent: This continent is home to the bustling city of Yorknew, known for its vibrant markets and the infamous Yorknew City Auction, a hub for rare and exotic items. It is also the birthplace of the Zoldyck Family, a renowned clan of assassins.

  • The Western Continent: Known for its expansive deserts and rugged landscapes, the Western Continent is home to the NGL, an autonomous nation ruled by the enigmatic Chimera Ants. It is also the setting for the intense Chimera Ant arc, where Gon and his companions face off against formidable foes.

  • The Southern Continent: This continent is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with unexplored regions and hidden civilizations. It serves as the backdrop for the Dark Continent Expedition arc, where the Hunter Association embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the secrets of the uncharted lands.

  • The Northern Continent: The Northern Continent is characterized by its frigid climate and snowy landscapes. It is home to the Kukuroo Mountain Range, where Gon and Killua train under the tutelage of the legendary Wing.

  • The Central Continent: The Central Continent is the political and economic center of the HxH world. It is home to the Hunter Association headquarters, where aspiring Hunters undergo rigorous exams to obtain their licenses. It also features the bustling metropolis of Meteor City, a haven for outcasts and skilled individuals.

Beyond the Known World: The Dark Continent

Beyond the known world lies the enigmatic Dark Continent, an uncharted realm shrouded in mystery and peril. This forbidden land is said to be the birthplace of all life on Earth and is teeming with unknown creatures and unimaginable dangers. Only the most skilled and audacious Hunters dare to venture into this treacherous territory, seeking to unravel its secrets and conquer its challenges.

HxH's Diverse Cultures and Landscapes

The world of HxH is a tapestry of diverse cultures, each with its unique customs, traditions, and beliefs. From the bustling streets of Yorknew City to the desolate expanses of the NGL, the landscapes and environments reflect the rich and varied nature of the HxH universe.

HxH's Continuously Expanding World

As the story of HxH progresses, new regions and continents are introduced, expanding the boundaries of the known world. This ever-expanding universe keeps readers captivated and eager to discover what lies beyond the horizon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is the name of the continent where the Zoldyck Family resides?
    A1: The Eastern Continent.

  • Q2: In which continent does the Chimera Ant arc take place?
    A2: The Western Continent.

  • Q3: What is the name of the autonomous nation ruled by the Chimera Ants?
    A3: The NGL.

  • Q4: Which continent is home to the Hunter Association headquarters?
    A4: The Central Continent.

  • Q5: What is the name of the forbidden land beyond the known world?
    A5: The Dark Continent.

As you venture through the world of HxH, let your imagination soar and immerse yourself in the captivating adventures that await. The vast and ever-expanding universe of HxH promises endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences.

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