Jo Koy is a Filipino-American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster who has gained immense popularity for his comedic routines about his family, relationships, and cultural upbringing. His witty observations and relatable stories have resonated with audiences worldwide, making him one of the most sought-after comedians today. As his fame grew, many fans became curious about his background, including where he went to high school.

Early Life and Education

Jo Koy was born Joseph Glenn Herbert on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington, to a Filipino mother, Josie Harrison, and a white American father, Robert Herbert. His parents divorced when he was young, and he was raised by his mother and stepfather, Tony Ferraro.

Growing up, Koy attended several schools due to his family's frequent moves. He spent time at Spanaway Lake High School in Spanaway, Washington, before eventually graduating from Franklin Pierce High School in Tacoma, Washington.

Franklin Pierce High School

Franklin Pierce High School is a public high school located in Tacoma, Washington. It was established in 1954 and has a student body of approximately 1,500 students. The school offers a comprehensive academic program, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, and student government.

During his time at Franklin Pierce High School, Koy was involved in several activities, including the debate team and the student government. He also discovered his passion for comedy and began performing stand-up routines at local open mics.

Koy's Rise to Fame

After graduating from high school, Koy pursued a career in comedy. He moved to Los Angeles, California, and began performing at The Comedy Store, where he honed his skills and gained recognition in the comedy circuit. He also made appearances on television shows such as "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Koy's big break came in 2017 when he released his Netflix special "Live from Seattle." The special was a critical and commercial success, earning him praise for his hilarious and heartwarming storytelling. Since then, Koy has continued to tour extensively and has released several more successful comedy specials.


Jo Koy's journey from a high school student in Tacoma, Washington, to a renowned comedian and actor is an inspiring story of perseverance and passion. His ability to connect with audiences through humor and storytelling has made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.


  1. What high school did Jo Koy attend?

    • Jo Koy attended Franklin Pierce High School in Tacoma, Washington.
  2. Where is Franklin Pierce High School located?

    • Franklin Pierce High School is located in Tacoma, Washington.
  3. When did Jo Koy graduate from high school?

    • Jo Koy graduated from high school in 1989.
  4. What activities was Jo Koy involved in during high school?

    • Jo Koy was involved in the debate team and the student government.
  5. How did Jo Koy get his start in comedy?

    • Jo Koy began performing stand-up routines at local open mics after discovering his passion for comedy in high school.

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