IHT402 WHERE TO SEND: A Comprehensive Guide

The Inheritance Tax form IHT402 is a vital document required for reporting an individual's estate after their passing. Understanding where to send this form is crucial for ensuring the smooth administration of the deceased's estate. This comprehensive guide will provide a detailed overview of the various scenarios and addresses where the IHT402 form should be submitted.

1. Who Needs to File the IHT402 Form?

The responsibility of completing and submitting the IHT402 form falls upon the personal representatives of the deceased. These individuals can include executors or administrators appointed in the will or, in their absence, the person entitled to administer the estate according to the rules of intestacy.

2. When to File the IHT402 Form?

The IHT402 form must be submitted within six months of the death of the individual. If the estate is complex or involves significant assets, it's advisable to start the process promptly to avoid any potential penalties.

3. Where to Send the IHT402 Form?

The destination of the IHT402 form depends on the value of the estate and the deceased's domicile at the time of death. Here's a detailed breakdown:

  • Estates Above the Inheritance Tax Threshold: If the total value of the estate exceeds the inheritance tax threshold of £325,000 (as of April 2023), the IHT402 form should be sent to His Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The address varies depending on the deceased's location:
  • England, Wales, and Northern Ireland:

HMRC, Inheritance Tax, BX9 1AS, United Kingdom

  • Scotland:

HMRC, Inheritance Tax, SP10 1PJ, United Kingdom

  • Estates Below the Inheritance Tax Threshold: If the estate's value is below the inheritance tax threshold, the IHT402 form should be sent to the Probate Registry where the application for a Grant of Probate or Confirmation will be made. The Probate Registry address depends on the deceased's last permanent address:
  • England and Wales: Find the relevant Probate Registry address here.
  • Northern Ireland:

Principal Probate Registry, 27 Wellington Place, Belfast, BT1 6JL

  • Scotland:

Sheriff Court, Edinburgh, EH1 1RQ

4. What to Include with the IHT402 Form?

Along with the completed IHT402 form, several supporting documents need to be enclosed. These may include:

  • A copy of the death certificate
  • A copy of the will (if there is one)
  • Details of the estate's assets and liabilities
  • Information about any lifetime gifts made by the deceased within the past seven years

5. Penalties for Late Filing

Filing the IHT402 form after the six-month deadline can result in penalties. The penalty is calculated as a percentage of the unpaid tax and can accumulate interest over time. Therefore, it's crucial to adhere to the deadline to avoid any unnecessary charges.


Understanding where to send the IHT402 form is essential for ensuring the timely and accurate administration of the deceased's estate. By following the guidelines outlined in this comprehensive guide, personal representatives can effectively fulfill their responsibilities and avoid potential delays or penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I file the IHT402 form online?

Yes, you can file the IHT402 form online through HMRC's online service. However, you must have a Government Gateway user ID and password to access the service.

  1. What happens if I need more time to complete the IHT402 form?

You can apply for an extension of the six-month deadline by submitting a written request to HMRC. However, you must provide a valid reason for the delay.

  1. What if the deceased's estate is located overseas?

If the deceased had assets located overseas, you may need to obtain a Certificate of Residence from the relevant tax authority in the country where the assets are situated.

  1. Can I get help completing the IHT402 form?

Yes, you can seek assistance from a solicitor, accountant, or other professional specializing in inheritance tax matters.

  1. What are the consequences of filing an inaccurate IHT402 form?

Filing an inaccurate IHT402 form may result in additional tax liability, penalties, and interest charges. Therefore, it's important to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

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