Peanut, an unassuming yet essential item in Idlescape, plays a crucial role in obtaining certain rare and coveted items. As a budding adventurer, you may find yourself wondering, "Where can I lay my hands on these elusive nuts?" Fear not, fellow traveler, for this comprehensive guide will lead you to the secret stashes of peanuts, ensuring your success in the game.

1. Peanut Fields

Embark on a journey to the peanut fields, vast expanses of farmland teeming with peanut plants. These fields are scattered throughout the world and can be easily identified by their distinctive rows of peanut plants, laden with the precious nuts. Swing your scythe and harvest these peanuts, filling your pockets with these valuable treasures.

2. Peanut Vendors

In the bustling marketplaces of Idlescape, peanut vendors hawk their wares, offering a convenient way to acquire peanuts. These merchants set up their stalls in various towns and cities, eagerly awaiting customers like you. Approach them, engage in a friendly exchange of gold, and watch as they hand you a generous portion of peanuts.

3. Peanut Trees

Keep your eyes peeled for the majestic peanut trees, towering giants adorned with clusters of peanuts. These trees are a rare sight, often found hidden away in secluded forests or atop towering mountains. Yet, the effort to locate them is well worth it, as a single peanut tree can yield a bountiful harvest.

4. Peanut Caches

Legend speaks of hidden peanut caches, secret stashes tucked away in forgotten corners of the world. These caches, often buried underground or concealed within ancient ruins, hold a wealth of peanuts, just waiting to be unearthed. With a keen eye and a bit of luck, you may stumble upon one of these hidden treasures.

5. Peanut Quests

As you progress through your adventures, you may encounter quests that reward you with peanuts. These quests can be anything from simple fetch quests to challenging boss battles. Embrace these quests with zeal, knowing that the reward of peanuts awaits you upon completion.


With this guide in hand, you now possess the knowledge to seek out and acquire peanuts in Idlescape. Whether you harvest them from fields, purchase them from vendors, shake them from trees, unearth them from caches, or earn them through quests, these precious nuts will soon be yours. Go forth, brave adventurer, and let the peanuts flow!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are peanuts so valuable in Idlescape?

Peanuts hold immense value in Idlescape due to their versatility. They can be used as ingredients in various recipes, traded for rare items, and even used to attract certain creatures.

  1. Can I grow my own peanuts?

Growing your own peanuts is not possible in Idlescape. However, you can obtain peanut seeds and plant them in pots, allowing you to harvest a small quantity of peanuts over time.

  1. Where can I find peanut vendors?

Peanut vendors can be found in various towns and cities throughout the world of Idlescape. They typically set up their stalls in marketplaces or near busy roads.

  1. How do I find hidden peanut caches?

Discovering hidden peanut caches requires a keen eye and a bit of luck. Keep an eye out for suspicious-looking mounds of dirt or cracks in the ground. These may be signs of a buried peanut cache.

  1. Which quests reward peanuts?

Various quests across Idlescape offer peanuts as a reward for completion. These quests vary in difficulty and can be found by speaking with NPCs or checking the quest board in towns and cities.

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